Revival of ‘New City’ Project in Punjab

New City Projects in Punjab

Punjab Parliamentary Secretary for Information and Culture plans to resurrect in Punjab an ambitious “New City” Project. Back in 2013, the Punjab government initially suggested the idea of an urban development extending over 44,000 acres. Consisting of green belts, piers, boardwalks, along with 1.4 million residential units. According to the Ravi Riverfront Urban Development Project. The design was based on developments in London, England to lining the River Thames.


Challenges to face for the Project “NEW CITY”:

In 2014, the government of Pakistan employed the world-renowned engineering company, Meinhardt. They want to conduct a feasibility study on River Ravi to carry out the urban development project. The company highlighted the project’s problem areas in its report. They gave some suggestions for smooth construction to the Lahore Construction Authority (LDA):

  • Getting water in the River Ravi during the winter season is one of the biggest challenges to launch a new city project in Punjab.
  • Establishing a new system of wastewater.
  • Tackling the environmental impact of the urban development project on the riverfront is critical.
  • Ravi River rehabilitation according to national and international requirements.
  • For the community, designing a green city and maintaining a bacteria-free water source is a major challenge.
  • An annual flooding infrastructure solution.

Increases Urbanization in Lahore:


As the population increases, the need for housing increases. The government unit under Punjab’s government found that Lahore is Punjab’s most urbanized district compared to Sheikhupura and Kasur. In Lahore, the ratio of developed land to free, vacant land is about 50%. The ratio of open land to constructed land in other cities is only 10%.

Ravi Riverfront Project Development:


The government intends to create a riverfront development in the city alongside River Ravi that stretches to the district of Sheikhupura. A 33-km long stretch of concrete would be constructed on the River Ravi. Where on the banks of the river, a new city would be built.

The Ravi Riverfront Urban Development Project’s key features are as follows:

  • Design of a concrete Ravi River channel of 33 km.
  • This latest Punjab city project aims to create a green city on the banks of the River Ravi.
  • Punjab’s new city project will be divided into 14 areas. Consisting of 1.4 million residential units and a 70% area would be reserved for trees alone.
  • There will also be the construction of new roads, piers and bridges that were spanning 100 km.
  • Various buyers will purchase more than 25,000 acres of riverfront property for different businesses.
  • Punjab’s new city project will attract foreign visitors. As the master plan also involves the development of an international airport.
  • Near the airport is a major attraction for foreign tourists visiting the city.
  • The project’s main purpose is to rehabilitate River Ravi through the installation of wastewater plants.


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