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Rental House Inspection Checklist

We are pleased to provide a complete detailed list of as Rental House Inspection Checklist for our valuable customers or viewers.


If you found the best house on the ideal location that is also within your price range if so, you might be planning to pack your all stuff from your old house to the new house. However, make sure to conduct a house inspection before moving into it or signing a rental agreement with your landlord.

It’s really important that you take some time out of busy routine and visit the house before signing any contract or agreement and conduct a thorough inspection

All you need to have with you:

Mobile Phone

  • To record any flaws in the house.
  • To note down your concerns.

Mobile Phone Charger:


  • To check all the electric sockets

House Inspection Checklist

  • Tiles or Flooring
  • Kitchen & Cabinets
  • Gas Connection
  • Cupboards
  • Plumbing 
  • Windows
  • Walls
  • Doors & Locks
  • Lights & Fixtures


We are providing the given facilities for Rental House Inspection Checklist

Tiles or Flooring:

In Rental House Inspection Checklist the first feature is Tile Flooring. Before signing the rental agreement you must have to check the tiles or flooring whether they are damaged or broken or not if some of the tiles are damaged or broken you have to immediately inform the landlord and capture their picture as a proof that the tiles are not damaged by you.

Kitchen & Cabinets:

In Rental House Inspection Checklist the second feature is Kitchen & Cabinets. You have the check  the kitchen condition and their cabinets if you found some cabins or draws are broken you also have to capture their picture as a proof or inform the landlord immediately before signing the rental agreement

Gas Connection:

You have to check the gas connection before signing any rental agreement whether there is leakage or not. If you found the leakage of gas immediately inform your landlord and fix that problem.


In Rental House Inspection Checklist the third feature is Cupboards. Check the cupboards of the house and if there is any problem with the cupboard you have to capture their picture as a proof or ask your landlord to resolve that problem 


In Rental House Inspection Checklist the fourth feature in Windows. Check the windows of the house by open or close 4 to 5 times if they make sound or not working properly you have to ask your landlord to fix that problem and also check that the house you found is ventilated or not.


In Rental House Inspection Checklist the fifth feature is Neat & Clean Walls. Check the walls and paint of the house whether it is neat and clean or not if you found something untidy on the wall, inform the landlord or capture the picture of that wall by doing this you’re not hit with any surprise cost.

Doors & Locks:

In Rental House Inspection Checklist the sixth feature is Doors & Locks. Check the doors & locks of the house whether the doors are making noise, damaged or not and also check the main locks because safety comes first if some of the locks are not working properly ask your landlord to fix that problem before moving into that home

Lights & Fixtures:

In Rental House Inspection Checklist the seventh feature is Lights & Fixtures. Do all your lights work? Switch them on and off to double-check. Consider looking at the light fittings for any loose cables and make note of these. You should give all light switches a once over with a cloth to remove any residue or leftover prints.

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