As a homeowner, when selling a house, Major Issues in Selling a House in Pakistan without a Realtor. It is normal to want the full amount. While the process of finding buyers, selling your home, and taking care of the paperwork becomes much easier and simpler with the assistance of a real estate agent or real estate agent, the second thought some people have is to save the fee paid to the realtor by facing the difficulties of selling a house alone.

5 Significant Challenges of Selling a House without a Real Estate agent in Pakistan:

Selling a house without a realtor in Pakistan has its own drawbacks and maybe more like a challenge for the majority of people. So, just for your convenience, here is a list of things that you should be aware of before you take on your own task:

  • Can’t match the expertise of an agent.
  • You need to be extremely careful.
  • You are going to need more time than expected.
  • You’re not familiar with the local market.
  • You are the only negotiator

You can’t match the expertise of an agent:

No bones about it: the experience and knowledge of a real estate agent are inimitable. They’ve been in the game for so long that it’s just a practice for them to sell a home. Nonetheless, selling a house without prior experience could be really difficult for a real estate entrant like you. In addition, in a way that is far more compelling and convincing than anything else, a real estate professional can reach a wider network of buyers.

You need to be Extremely Careful:

It sounds as if welcoming strangers to your property carries risks, particularly when you don’t have a third party involved in the process, such as a realtor. We know for a fact that realtors have a comprehensive process to ensure their own safety as well as their customer’s health. So, if you’re working alone, you’ve got to be extra careful, cautious, and resilient about what details you’re putting online and who you’?re letting inside your home especially if you’re living alone. As an additional layer of security, you can ask visitors to bring their CNIC with you and sign a register with your personal information including home and office addresses and a contact number.

You are going to need more time than Expected:

One of the most common challenges of selling a house in Pakistan without a realtor is that you have no influence over the conditions and regulations of the local market. While local market rules directly affect your property, the longer the property is on the market, the less it attracts buyers, you need to be aware of the fact.

So, if you want any red flags on your property, you need to spend considerable time selling your homework. For example, get your house inspected or repaired and get it photographed properly for online listings if necessary.

You’re not familiar with the Local Market:

No one’s going to tell you why, but what you don’t know will harm you most likely. The same applies to the complexities of selling a house in Pakistan without a realtor which means that if you are familiar with the ways of the local property market, you may end up in an unwelcome mess that may take a little longer to clean up. To avoid situations like this and save some money while selling your house, here is a list of things to expect before you reach the local market:

  • Test the ads of other sellers’ properties.
  • Make sure that your property is listed on the largest property portal in Pakistan.
  • Sort the property’s appropriate print media once you have printed it digitally on our property portal.

Therefore, how well you market your property depends on good and fast sales. Good marketing is one way to make sure that buyers are a good fit for your property. Make sure your marketing strategy is good enough to get the word through a network of real estate agents.

You Are The Only Negotiator:

Negotiation is one of the most important components of selling a house without a realtor. Sellers generally believe it’s an ultimate accomplishment to find a buyer, but the reality is quite the opposite. It is the main step to make a good offer to find a buyer at your asking price. Working with a specialist at times like this can save you from a great deal of emotional trauma. But if you feel brave, in a few simple steps you can turn this weakness into a strength:

  • Keep the price fair, slightly higher than you really want. And obviously not lower than the market price because lower prices can be suspicious to buyers.
  • Instead of seeing what your property has to sell, concentrate more on what the buyer is interested in. Not always that the ultimate objective is to please the customer.
  • Give the customer a flexible payment period and do not rush them to pay. It can also enable both sellers and buyers to build a better relationship. As much as it helps in cutting down the agreement.


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