How to Receive Building Permits in Lahore

Building Permits in Lahore

Did you buy a plot and plan to build your dream home at last? Building a home needs more than just a parcel of land and money, as most of us already know. While these two things are necessary, before building a home, one also needs permission from the relevant regulatory authority. Fortunately, the process of obtaining building permits for houses in Lahore and Karachi has become relatively easier, thanks to the recent Ease of Doing Business reforms.

As it may seem a little difficult to deal with construction permits, here is a comprehensive guide on how to apply for a construction permit in Lahore.

How to Receive Building Permits in Lahore:

Until we address the process for obtaining a building permit in Lahore, let’s speak first about the construction reforms that helped Pakistan leap 28 spots ahead on the Ease of Doing Business Index 2020 of the World Bank. The World Bank study measures various economic indicators in 109 countries to assess how business-friendly they are for those unaware. Simply put, the higher a country performs on the index, the more it draws international investment.

One of the regulatory reforms that helped Pakistan enter the global ranking of 108, along with’ starting a company ‘ reforms, getting electricity reforms, easy tax payments, cross-border trade and registering property reforms, streamlining the process of obtaining the building permit. It was at 136 before.

To simplify and improve the process of submitting and securing a residential building plan approval in Lahore, the Lahore Development Authority (LDA) partnered with the Punjab Information Technology Board to implement online application submissions along with the online issue of NOCs and completion certificates LDA also set up a window cell to strengthen and simplify the authority established a Punjab Land Records Authority counter at its facility for the timely verification of ownership and title documents, together with those of the Water and Sanitation Agency, Traffic Engineering and Planning Agency and Bank of Punjab.

How to obtain Construction Permit for Houses in Lahore:

Construction Permit for Houses in Lahore

Here is a description of the process of obtaining a building permit for houses in Lahore.


Visit the One Window Counter in question set up by the Lahore Development Authority and send the documents and construction plan required.


Download the bank of Punjab’s challan pay fees.


Then the LDA must check the letter of ownership and possession that takes up to 5 days.


The authority will then scrutinize the construction plan, examine the structural drawings, and verify the payment, etc. It takes up to 14 days for this internal process.


Once all plans and documents are verified, the applicant will receive a text notification from the Customer Facilitation Center to collect the letter containing building approval for houses.

Total Time Duration: 20 Days

Documents required for House in Lahore to obtain Construction:

Documents required for House

Here is the list of documents needed to obtain a building permit in Lahore:

  • Copy of applicant’s NIC
  • Ownership or title documents (Sales deed, registry, allotment letter, intiqal, aks shajra)
  • Power of attorney or authority letter (if applicable)
  • Building Application Form (BR-1)
  • 2 sets of Specification Forms (BR-2 and BR-3)
  • 5 copies of Building Plan along with Site Plan (along with one mounted on cloth)
  • An undertaking on PKR 100 stamp paper for construction to follow the approved building plan.
  • In case the building plan includes a basement, an undertaking on PKR 100 stamp paper for bearing the damages or mishaps
  • Signature and stamp of the architect on all plans and forms
  • Signature-&-stamps of the structural engineer (if applicable)
  • Signature of the owner(s) on all plans and forms

Please note that the above-mentioned forms can be downloaded from the official website of Lahore Development Authority.

Residential Building Plan Fee in Lahore:

Residential Building Plan Fee in Lahore

PKR 5 per square ft of the total covered area is the inspection fee for the first plans, updated plans, and alteration/addition plans. For residential plots of less than 5 marlas, this building plan charge remains the same for those over 2 Kanal.

In the meantime, charges for stacking malba are PKR 2 per sq ft of the total area covered.

The processing fee for completion, payable at the terminal, is PKR 5000.

Besides, on the Lahore Development Authority board, the charge for the approval of structural drawings by structural engineers is PKR 1 per sq ft of the total covered area.

One Window Counters:

One Window Counters

The Lahore Development Authority has set up various one-window counters to facilitate the residents. For the approval to start construction of residential buildings in Lahore, you’ll probably be required to visit one of the following counters:

Town Planning Wing – Counter 23:  Scrutiny of residential building plans for LDA (regular) housing schemes

Town-Planning-Wing – Counter 24: Scrutiny of residential building plans for LDA (private) housing schemes.

Town Planning Wing – Counter 25: For status of building plan approval and residential building plan matters among others.

Steps to Recieve a Certification Building in Lahore:

Following the changes, the process for receiving certification of completion in Lahore has become much simpler.

From applying for building permits for houses in Lahore to receiving a certificate of completion, these are the steps to be taken when building a house in the city:


Submit the required documents at the concerned one-window counter.


Pay the required fees at Bank of Punjab.


Obtain a construction permit.


Following the completion of foundation, request Lahore Development Authority or Metropolitan Corporation Lahore (MLC) for inspection in writing.


Receive inspection from the concerned authority.


On completion of the first floor, submit the floor certificate form to LDA or MLC.


Receive the first-floor slab casting inspection.


Submit the second-floor Certificate Form.


Receive the second-floor slab casting inspection.


Request final inspection and apply for a completion certificate.


Receive final inspection.


Receive the completion certificate.

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