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Houses you can buy in Lahore within a Limited Budget


Houses you can buy in Lahore

Houses You Can Buy in Lahore Within a Limited Budget. Lahore is the second largest city in Pakistan and the largest economic centre in Punjab. Like other big cities, Lahore has seen a surge in demand for home purchases in recent years, leading to exponential growth in the real estate market, leading to a sharp increase in real estate prices. As the value of real estate soars, home buyers in the city have limited options, especially those looking for cheap investment. Units in Garden City, but I don’t know how or where to find them, don’t worry, we will help you.

How to hunt for low-cost Houses for Sale in Lahore?

Here are some very important things to remember while looking for low-priced houses for sale in Lahore.

What property size should you be looking for?

House for Sale

As mentioned earlier, real estate prices in Lahore have skyrocketed in recent years. Therefore, if you are looking for affordable housing in the city, you need to be very specific about the size of the apartment you plan to invest in. In the classified ads on, you will find up to 5 Marla homes. These homes are usually cheap and available in different parts of the city. Anything bigger can exceed the budget, and if you are lucky enough to find one, it may not be great.

Even if you buy a small house, you can still make some structural changes to add more living space, but it depends on the society you live in.

The partnership in Lahore allows for the construction of multiple high-rises in a basement. Even if you want to buy a house in Lahore at a low price, if you want to explore decent, well-built real estate options, you must own at least 5 million rupees.

Where to search for low-priced House for Sale in Lahore?

As the population of Lahore has increased dramatically over the past few decades, the city’s housing demand has reached an all-time high in recent years. More expensive than ever. New buildings also lack land resources, because the main areas of the city are already overcrowded and housing prices are soaring.

There is a lot of fallow land in the capital, which is now being converted into new housing development projects and the most advanced housing development projects. Therefore, if you are looking for cheap houses for sale in Lahore, you must go to the area. Depart from Ferozpur Road, Riwind Road and Bedian Road.

These are some of the main arteries that run through the metropolis. They connect Lahore’s city centre with its suburbs. According to the real estate listing on, Lahore Expressway City, Eden Gardens and SJ Gardens are many other suburbs of Lahore, and you can find well-maintained and attractive residential properties within your budget. Most properties in these areas can also be booked in instalments.

Or, you can buy the ownership of the property by paying 50-70% of the total value as a down payment, and then making small monthly instalments.

Lahore’s First ever Housing Project with affordable TownHouses!

Lahore's Housing Project

Icon Valley Developers’ another iconic real estate project, Icon Valley Phase II, introduced the concept of affordable townhouses for the first time in Lahore’s history. Very close to Levin Road. With direct access to this main road, you can easily reach the centre of Lahore and other important areas.

While providing the best real estate, Icon Valley Phase 2 townhouses are ideal for those looking for affordable properties for sale in Lahore, even when comparing units of the same size, invest in one of these townhouses One is also your best choice and style available in other real estate projects.

Near the city, it is easy to see that the townhouses of Icon Valley Phase II are much cheaper. Therefore, they offer a 4-5 year instalment plan. They are designed so that you can own your new home in a few years and easily pay the balance. Evenly distributed by monthly instalments.


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