Evaluating the resale value of a house as a property owner is a difficult task to accomplish. But it is equally challenging to determine the correct rent of property given the different set of factors to consider. You are in a constant struggle to make sure the price is low. Enough to draw the inhabitants and high enough to meet your expenses. Now, the question is whether there is anything between the tenants and the landlord. That satisfies them to Determine the Exact Rent of Your Home?

Luckily, there are several ways to determine your property’s proper rent. Better still, we’ve compiled a simple guide that includes various techniques to measure your property’s exact rent!

Let’s get it measured to Determine the Exact Rent of Your Home!

4 Simple ways to Determining the Correct Rent for your Property:

Different tenants have their own special method of renting their house properly. Some of them weigh the facilities while others consider the venue. While each scenario is completely different and equally important. There are certain ways in which both can arrive at time-justified rentals. No brainer, isn’t it?

Okay, to make things more convenient for you. Here is our compilation of some ways to determine your property rent in Pakistan accurately:

  • Take into account the cost of the property.
  • Assess the average rental value of the market.
  • Use the approach to price analysis.
  • Let the employees know if you are flexible.

Property Costs and Expenses take Considerations:

The first and most important thing to consider when determining the correct rent for your property is to take account of overheads. These expenses are also known as variable costs of ownership. They can include maintenance costs, mortgage and insurance premiums, property taxes. It is quite understandable that property owners want to earn a profit at the end of the day. So until or unless a rent amount doesn’t satisfy these costs, it isn’t rightly set.

As an additional piece of information for homeowners and landlords, the general rule of earning from a rental property is that the household income should comfortably surpass the expenses.

The average Rental Values of Market:

In Pakistan, the rental value of a property usually depends on two factors: average trends in rent on the market and locality. Regardless of the facilities and future developments, these considerations remain the same. For example, in Bahria Town Karachi, a 2-bedroom rental unit doesn’t have the same value as in Bahria Town Lahore. No matter if the amenities and the developers are the same, any significance or lacking in the location can greatly affect the rental value of a property.

So in order to calculate the rent, most landlords, especially in Pakistan, use measures such as average market rental values and the exact location of their residential unit. If you’d like to discover your neighbourhood’s average rental brackets and the factors that affect them, go to Zameen Area Guides.

Comparison of the Sales approach:

One of the most important steps in the preparation of a rental agreement is the measurement of the rental property interest. Because the detail is too important to overlook, landlords often worry about how to calculate their property’s rent. The Sales Comparison Approach (SCA) is a great solution in this regard. Don’t let the name scare you because it’s the simplest way to calculate a property’s cost. There are various strategies that come under the SCA’s umbrella.

First of all, most landlords use similar properties in the neighbourhood as a means of comparison to settle on their property’s monthly rent. Many landlords also calculate rent prices based on certain amenities such as the number of rooms, swimming pools, and parking spaces, to name a few. Many landlords often take into account the estimate of price-per-square-foot/marla. No matter what the parameter is, in the middle of everything, the comparison is made with the newly rented properties in the neighbourhood.

Let occupants if you are Flexible:

Starting with planning and including flexibility in your plans is the secret to being a good landlord. Property owners who build a versatile approach make lasting partnerships with their tenants.

Let’s presume you have strict animal household rules, and in terms of your needs, you end up with an almost perfect bid. The only problem is that the rules read no pets allowed and the prospective tenant has a pet by being flexible with your rules, you can work it out.

This may also become a plus over other rental units in the same area if you allow pets on your rental property. This policy may also require you to increase your monthly rent. You would be surprised to know that some landlords are also asking for an upfront pet deposit, while some are charging the monthly rent for an additional fee. The number of pets allowed on your property can also be calculated and used as an advantage. You can also specify the type of pet in your property that can be kept.


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