January 2020

Building Permits in Lahore

How to Receive Building Permits in Lahore

Did you buy a plot and plan to build your dream home at last? Building a home needs more than just a parcel of land and money, as most of us already know. While these two things are necessary, before building a home, one also needs permission from the relevant regulatory authority. Fortunately, the process of obtaining building permits for houses in Lahore and Karachi has become relatively easier, thanks...

Major issues in Selling a House in Pakistan without a Realtor

Major Issues in Selling a House without a Realtor

As a homeowner, when selling a house, Major Issues in Selling a House in Pakistan without a Realtor. It is normal to want the full amount. While the process of finding buyers, selling your home and taking care of the paperwork becomes much easier and simpler with the assistance of a real estate agent or real estate agent, the second thought some people have is to save the fee paid to the realtor by facing...

Determine the Exact Rent of Your Home

Determine the Exact Rent of Your Home

Evaluating the resale value of a house as a property owner is a difficult task to accomplish. But it is equally challenging to determine the correct rent of property given the different set of factors to consider. You are in a constant struggle to make sure the price is low. Enough to draw the inhabitants and high enough to meet your expenses. Now, the question is whether there is anything between the...


Styles of Construction for Houses in Pakistan

Styles of Construction for Houses in Pakistan. Over the past decades, Pakistan's architecture has evolved significantly. The architectural styles in Pakistan have seen a massive change from the glorious examples of Mughal architecture in Lahore and the beautiful colonial-era buildings in Karachi to the current trend of integrating revolutionary and functional elements in the designs. Generally,...

Buy the Perfect House!

What You Should Do To Buy the Perfect House!

What You Should Do To Buy the Perfect House! Buying a house is a decision that can break their bank for most people. However, if you ignore the essential features to consider before you buy a house, the same can also crack your back. Given the financial and emotional impact of being a homeowner, people are right to choose the best property for one of their life's most valuable investments. While referring...

New City Projects in Punjab

Revival of ‘New City’ Project in Punjab

Punjab Parliamentary Secretary for Information and Culture plans to resurrect in Punjab an ambitious "New City" Project. Back in 2013, the Punjab government initially suggested the idea of an urban development extending over 44,000 acres. Consisting of green belts, piers, boardwalks, along with 1.4 million residential units. According to the Ravi Riverfront Urban Development Project. The design was based...

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